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Stunts And Special Effects


The Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission (FTC) is dedicated to assisting production companies to perform stunts and special effects safely with the appropriate permissions from local, state and federal municipalities or agencies. Our permitting team will work quickly and diligently with your production crew to determine the necessary steps and requirements needed for your request to move forward. Please note that all stunts and special effects require a $5 million General Liability or Comprehensive Coverage insurance policy to obtain the necessary permit. Filming activity that does not include stunts and special effects requires a $1 million policy.

The FTC considers stunts and special effects to fall under the following categories: 


We understand that each production is unique, so if you are unsure which category your particular request falls under, we will work closely with your team to understand the various aspects of the stunts or special effects you wish to perform. Our one-stop permitting process is built to determine how to efficiently and safely make your high-action scene a reality!