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  • West Palm Beach Weather:
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Student Permit Application Form

Please be advised that your school must issue a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE for your application to be processed. The exact language that is required for the certificate will be emailed to you.
Please forward that email to your instructor.

Student Info

Project Info

Project Type:

Only if applying for a permit to shoot on–location at a school other than your own:
The School District, c/c the FTC, must review the script for all scenes shot on Palm Beach County facility/building property. Additionally, films/videos/still photography must not use the County or School name or contain scenes depicting alcohol, tobacco and drug use, nudity, or violence.

Specific insurance language will be sent to you via email for each municipality and/or location you are requesting.


Identify any special MUNICIPALITY, COUNTY, or TAXING DISTRICT assistance required
If a shoot is cancelled, it is the sole responsibility of the student to notify hired law enforcement. The student will assume responsibility for compensation should the student fail to deliver proper notification.
Identify all Unusual Activities: