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Welcoming Filmmakers With Free Permits

The Film & Television Commission is the official County agency to issue permits for filming on public property and offers free one-stop permitting for over 50 municipalities, taxing districts, county departments and other community entities within Palm Beach County

Commercial Production at Delray Beach Tennis Center Please allow three business days to process a standard permit.  If you need a permit processed in less than three days, please notify our office in advance of filling out a permit application. Projects involving road closures, intermittent traffic control or closing public areas or other special circumstances will require additional time to process.

Securing a permit requires a $1 million comprehensive or commercial general liability policy.  Vehicles, watercraft or aircraft may require additional coverage.  Stunts or special effects require a five million dollar policy.  Some locations are owned by mulitple entities and additional insurance certificates will required. Once your permit application has been sumbitted, an email will be sent with the exact wording that is required as each municipality has their own preferences for insurance certificates.

*Please be advised that our office does not issue permits for the Town of Palm Beach.  If you would like to film in the Town of Palm Beach please refer to their website


The One-Stop permitting process is in place to facilitate production requests.  Our staff works directly with municipal contacts on your behalf.  In addition to public property, permitting may be required for private property should filming impact any adjacent public areas such as roads or sidewalks, if any pyrotechnics or stunts will be performed, or if the municipality has requested special permitting for residential areas.

If your project is shooting at an exterior location and requires traffic control or has a scene with prop firearms, weapons or actors in police uniforms; local law enforcement must be assigned to your location. Off-duty detail costs vary per municipality and is the responsibility of the production company to cover the total cost of the detail.

The following requires law enforcement assistance:

The use of prop firearms or weapons on set
Actors in police or other emergency response uniform
Prop police or other emergency vehicles
Any sequence that may impact public safety
Intermitent Traffic Control (ITC) or driving sequences


A pre-production meeting with our office is recommended for large commercial productions. This meeting should be scheduled with our office approximately three weeks (but no later than five business days) before the actual shoot begins to review details and production schedules. Participants should include the Production Manager and Location Manager, along with representatives from our office and other relevant agencies.

Please call our office at 561.233.1000 / 800.745.FILM to obtain specific contact information for government buildings, parks and landmarks under state or federal jurisdiction.

Resident Letter:

When filming in a residential neighborhood or business district, proper notification is to be provided to each merchant or neighbor who is directly affected by the company (this includes parking, base camps and meal areas) at least 48 hours prior to filming.  The written notification should include all of the specifics pertaining to your production including contact information for the production company as well as a representative from the locations department that will be on-set should any questions or concerns arise while filming, they may be addressed immediately and efficiently.