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Criteria For Sponsorship

PBTV Sponsorship & Development Program Criteria

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The Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission’s Sponsorship & Development program sponsors positive tourism-branded programming that will help support and stimulate tourism by showcasing high-quality, family-friendly programming with a goal of attracting new visitors, extending the length of stays and remaining top-of-mind. 

The Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission’s Sponsorship & Development Program was created to develop original, high-quality, family-friendly programming that showcases the County’s cultural and historical diversity, tourism offerings and the abundance of unique experiences. The program encourages local production professionals to create new/original content for Palm Beach County’s official tourism TV channel, adhering to the County’s branding guidelines. Show concepts are reviewed by a committee, scored according to several established benchmarks, and voted on. Approved projects operate under a Memo of Understanding, which outlines the deliverables, production timeline and payment schedule. To qualify for funding, shows must secure distribution on a television network that broadcasts outside of Palm Beach County (PBC).

The Palm Beaches TV Channel (PBTV) is a streaming platform launched in 2017 to help inspire travel, attract new visitors, and extend length of stays. Shows air on PBTV shortly after premiering on traditional television and can be watched 24/7 on demand, in a variety of public places, and in nearly 4,500 hotel rooms.  Show segments are further leveraged for various marketing efforts supporting tourism in The Palm Beaches. PBTV’s ever-expanding portfolio of tourism-branded content covers a wide-range of topics that highlight the County’s multicultural landscape and inclusive approach.

The Tourist Development Council (TDC) oversees PBTV, an innovative marketing tool that enhances the visitor experience through stories that are unique to the area. The Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission (FTC) and TDC work together to vet all projects prior to being presented to the program’s committee for final approval.  The PBTV channel is owned and operated by Olympusat, a local global media company.

It should be noted that:  The FTC is a sponsor and does not own the content.  However, content is made available to the FTC and County agencies for marketing and promotional purposes including, but not limited to, distribution on various social media platforms, broadcast outlets, websites, newsletters, public relations materials, and other paid advertising opportunities, as well as on agency-related websites and The Palm Beaches TV.


  1. The sponsorship program is for original programming with proof of distribution.
  2. Applicant must be authorized to do business in the state of Florida.
  3. Funding will be approved based on the following criteria:
  1. Staff will review the application for completeness and set up a meeting with the program’s committee. Applicants will be notified of the meeting date and time to make a brief presentation of the show and answer questions.
  2. Program approval and sponsorship funding is governed by the Sponsorship & Development Committee as designated and approved by the Film & Television Commission’s Board of Directors.
  3. Applicants will receive notification of sponsorship approval within 30 business days of going before the Sponsorship & Development Committee.
  4. Program funding is approved and allocated upon availability.


 As a condition of being approved for funding the recipient must adhere to the following:

  1. Distribution on a television network that broadcasts outside PBC.
  2. All programming shall represent family-friendly content, appropriate for even the youngest audiences.
  3. Content must positively highlight at least three Palm Beach County tourism assets.
  4. Each show should include three or more Palm Beach County locations.
  5. With PBC being a diverse, multicultural community, all programming must reflect this within its content. In each episode, at least one person speaking on-camera must reflect a multicultural background.
  6. Programming will include high-definition resolution video and be complete with signature music and professional voice over if needed. At the end of the program, viewers are to be directed to the Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council and The PalmBeaches.TV.
  7. If applicable, placement of the statement “Filmed in Palm Beach County, Florida” or “Produced in The Palm Beaches, Florida”, in the end credits OR the Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission and/or Discover The Palm Beaches and/or the Cultural Council and/or the Palm Beach County Sports Commission’s logo(s) provided by the FTC.
  8. For a 30-minute show, at least one sequence, minimum of 10 seconds, of establishing beauty shots including signage of Palm Beach County tourism assets. For an hour show, at least 2 sequences, minimum of 10 seconds each of establishing beauty shots of Palm Beach County tourism assets.
  9. Verbal mention of exact filming location in Palm Beach County. Can be stated in voice over, host stand up, or by character in scene.
    1. “Let’s go bass fishing in Lake Okeechobee, Florida”
    2. “Here we are at Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida”
    3. “I was at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida”

  10. Specific hotels should not be mentioned unless being referenced for historical purposes.

PAYMENT is based upon deliverables as identified within the MOU. Payment, in full, is made after proof of distribution is provided.


  1. A review copy of the show at least 15 business days prior to air with the ability to make changes.
  2. A 30-second promo showcasing each episode delivered at least five days before the initial air date.
  3. A final closed captioned 30-minute copy of each show to be played on The Palm Beaches TV in the following specs: High-Definition Digital Video Master 1080p, 1920 x 1080/23.97fps, 29.97fps.
  4. A statement from the Production Company that all talent, B-roll, location releases, music releases are on file with the Production Company.
  5. A transcript of the episodes.
  6. Cover art such as a poster or thumbnail. This will be needed for online posting.
  7. Portrait Poster Title image. Includes all image text within the title safe area (approx. 90% of poster dimensions) 1080 x 1620 preferred 800 x 1200 minimum 300 dpi 2:3.
  8. High resolution production photos.
  9. A contact list of the businesses, people, locations included within each episode.
  10. Proof of distribution on the identified network.

    The Sponsorship & Development Program is not structured to provide 100% of funding for any production.