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The Burt Reynolds Institute Offers Fans The Dream Of A Lifetime!

July 16, 2015




JUPITER, FL: Beginning Monday, August 3, Burt Reynolds’ fans and friends will have the opportunity to fulfill the dream of a lifetime. Through the courtesy of Dream Giveaways’ Mark Breiner and Patrick Meehan, the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre will launch a building fund sweepstakes through which one lucky winner will have the chance to drive away in a beautifully restored 1979 Trans Am while wearing a Stetson hat custom made for this event. Both car and hat have been signed by the Bandit himself. Reynolds’ signature will also be found in the log book chronicling the car’s full history since it came off the assembly line, including the original sales order form, window sticker, broadcast sheets, and all service and restoration work.


In a recent interview, Burt Reynolds spoke of the importance of the Dream Giveaways Sweepstakes, "I know what an important part the Smokey and the Bandit movie has played in the lives of so many of my fans. Certainly, the Trans Am being offered through the Dream Giveaways Sweepstakes brings back great memories for me. I would love for one of my fans to be able to make those same type of memories driving this beautiful car.”


Burt Reynolds fans number in the millions and come from all corners of the globe. Many of them have fantasized about living the Smokey and the Bandit experience and now someone will be able to fulfill that dream… at least, while cruising down the highway. In speaking about the upcoming event, Managing Director Donna Carbone said, “Between emails, phone calls and text messages, I talk to approximately 100 people a day. Burt Reynolds fans are among the nicest in the world. Many have become my personal friends. It’s an honor to be involved with such a worthwhile organization and to represent a man as wonderful as Burt Reynolds.”


If you need proof of the long lasting appeal of Burt Reynolds and his Bandit persona, just consider that 35 years after the man with the mustache secured a place in the history books for the American muscle car, the Trans Am is still bringing in the gold … and lot’s of it. In December 2014, a 1978 Trans Am Special Edition (S/E) sold for $450,000. In January of this year, another Reynolds’ previously owned 1978 Trans Am sold for $90,000. In April 2015, an L80-powered 1977 Trans Am S/E restored by Burt Reynolds and a friend was purchased for $170,000.


Looking towards the future, buying sweepstakes tickets for $3.00 each could be the best investment you've ever made. And... the money you spend goes to help worthwhile charities including New Beginnings Children’s Homes, the National Guard Education Foundation and Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Additionally, some of the money raised will help to build the new Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre and reopen the Burt Reynolds Museum. Can you think of a better reason to participate in this event?


In conjunction with the Dream Giveaway sweepstakes, the Institute will be launching a new line of Burt Reynolds Signature Apparel. The clothing line, which will offer items for men and women, includes dress shirts, tee shirts, Bandit boxers and caps as well as novelty items such as directors chairs and license plates bearing Burt Reynolds’ signature. All are available at www.burtreynoldsinstituteapparel.org.


In discussing plans for a new Institute and Museum, Carbone excitedly reported, “We’ve never given up the dream of a new Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre and, now, we feel confident that our dream will become a reality.”


Starting August 3rd : Sweepstakes tickets will be available at: www.Burt.WintheBandit.com or by calling 877-700-8946. Be sure to use promo code BANONE. Ticket prices begin at $3.00 each. Major credit cards are accepted.


The new clothing line is available from the Institute’s e-commerce store at: www.burtreynoldsinstituteapparel.org.


For questions regarding the sweepstakes or the Burt Reynolds Line of Signature Apparel, please contact Donna Carbone at 561 743-9955.


Date: July 23, 2015

Contact: Donna Carbone                          

Email: briftfinancedirector@comcast.net

Phone: 561 743-9955