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  • West Palm Beach Weather:
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Press Releases

Serena Williams Stars In Commercial At G-Star Studios

March 11, 2021

Palm Springs, FL (March 11, 2021) – Tennis legend Serena Williams returned to the G-Star Studios to film a national commercial for AWAY, an American online and storefront luggage and travel accessories retailer. Three sets were built in the Studios’ Sound Stage One to accommodate the filming of Ms. Williams and the various travel items in the successful line. G-Star Studios is owned and operated by the G-Star High School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts, the only high school on the back lot of a major motion picture studio. 

“Serena is such an inspiration to our students for her many tennis titles and accomplishments that it is always pleasure when she is on-site,” says Founder Greg Hauptner.  “It was especially rewarding to have her represent AWAY since it is a $150 million dollar designer, manufacturer and retailer company that was started in 2015 by two young entrepreneurs, Jennifer Rubio and Stephanie Korey based in New York City.  “A major part of G-Star’s mission is to embolden all of our students to achieve success in all they aspire to do in life,” continues Hauptner.  “This production is particularly exciting for our female students see the accomplishments of successful young women like Serena Williams, Jennifer Rubio and Stephanie Korey right here on our campus and to be inspired by them.”

Charter Schools USA and G-Star High School

G-Star High School is a proud member of the Charter Schools USA family of the highest quality schools in America.  CSUSA is an educational company with 95 schools, 75,000 students, and 10,000 employees in six states; and is one of the largest companies of its kind in the nation.  G-Star High School has been given “The Best High Schools in America” Award by the US News & World Report.


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