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Film Florida Releases Tips On How To Avoid Scams

May 17, 2024

How to Avoid a Scam

Recommendations that educate and empower crew to recognize red flags and possible scams.

Film Florida recently released recommendations that educate and empower crew to recognize red flags and possible scams.

Scam: Promises of advancement in the screen production industry by those posing as industry professionals (agencies, filmmaking courses, potential employers, etc.) without intending to follow through.

Best Practices:

? Networking is a huge part of the industry, so discovering other film crew workers online is normal. Do a quick review of profiles to ensure they aren’t a scam account or a real person trying to scam others. (This is especially important in Facebook groups!)
? One of the first steps to avoid a scam is to contact the real person who supposedly contacted you for a job. Taking the time to verify the authenticity of the contact can help prevent any potential scams.
? Insist on a video meeting to discuss the project. This allows for face-to-face interaction and helps establish trust. Ask specific questions about the job details, such as where it will take place and what the call time is.

Industry Red Flags

? People who post jobs that seem “too good to be true.”
? Equipment rentals that are off in pricing.
? Gigs that are posted with a rate that is well above or below the fair market value for the role.
? Masterclasses that promise to help brand you by working with you on your social media, resume, headshots, etc.
? Agencies that sell master programs for participation in web streaming shows in exchange for IMDB credit.
? Masterclasses with all 5-Stars from bot accounts.

Helpful Hints:

? Do a basic Google search for the name, phone number, company name, etc. of the agency, production company, collaborator, etc., you are considering working with.
? You could also reach out to your personal network for help.
? If the program advertises any shortcut to fame, it is probably best to decline participation.
? Do not meet with anyone in a private hotel room.
? Is the agency, production company, etc., licensed with the State on SunBiz?
? If there are any requests for supplies that go beyond what you would normally provide, it is advisable to ask for a company credit card to purchase these items. ALWAYS AVOID sending money for materials directly, which is a common tactic used by scammers.
? When considering a pricey, packaged deal with photos for the purpose of finding an agent, call your local agencies first to see if they recommend these packages.

Bottom Line: Safety is a Top Priority

Do your research and reach out to verified resources when considering your representation options. You are not alone in trying to figure out if a job offer is real. Contact your local film commission to see if they are aware of the person, company, project, etc. or contact Film Florida at [email protected] and we will connect you with your local film commission.