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  • West Palm Beach Weather:
  • 85.9 °F
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When faced with the challenge of hosting a fashion show during a pandemic, 100 Successful Women in Business Fashion Show Coordinator Angela Posillico knew she had to get creative, and found just the right home for a virtual showcase at the Port of Palm Beach. The large windows along the second floor brought in plenty of natural light to emphasize the colorful attire and gorgeous looks of each model, along with ample space for a long runway.


“It was the perfect spot for this type of venue. I do not think anyone could ask for more!” said Posillico, CEO for Ms. International World/Ms. Latina International. The virtual fashion show was viewed by a worldwide audience through a live stream on social media and Zoom. The models/honorees were thrilled to be able to get back to what they love doing the most, even with a distanced audience. See more about the organization at mslatinainternational.com.



Special thanks from Show Coordinator Angela Posillico:

Susmita Patel, Model and Entertainer Coordinator For SP FashionDirect, LLC

Vishal Patel/Vevjyoti Sen, Devish Productions 

Amy Dalli 

John Casablanca 

George Anthony Wakefield Photography 

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line 

Website Store 


A very big shout out to Maria Renee Davila, CEO and Al Otero, President, of the Global Trade Chamber, producers of 100 Successful Women in Business, for this amazing opportunity, and honoring women from around the world! 


For further information on 100 Successful Women, please visit their website at: www.100swb.com 

For further information on the Global Trade Chamber, please visit their website at:  www.globaltradechamber.com