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G-Star Teams Up With NASA, SpaceX, And The International Space Station

October 05, 2021

PALM SPRINGS, Fl (Sept. 28, 2021) - G-Star High School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts unites with NASA, Space X, and the International Space Station (ISS).  Working with NASA HUNCH (High school students United with NASA to Create Hardware), G-Star students will create, innovate, and build inventions for the astronauts to utilize in the ISS.  This is an on-going research and development program open to all G-Star students that affords serious interaction with the US Government for the expansion, progress, and evolution of space travel.  Items developed and created by G-Star are inspected and approved by NASA are then launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and delivered to the ISS, where astronauts will use them in their daily work.  This is a US Government sponsored program which gives students access to NASA and to their inner workings that very few students across the world can achieve.  School entrance into this program has extremely rigid rules.

“Having the opportunity to work with NASA and the possibility of inventing something that can be used in space makes science exciting,” said Kim Collins, principal of G Star School of the Arts. “Having to follow proper specifications and solve real issues for astronauts makes science relevant. This opportunity for G Star students gives them access to a whole new world of career possibilities.”

Starting five years ago, G-Star made the decision to begin moving into the Augmented Age (people, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics) and space travel.  As part of that journey, working with NASA fulfills the school’s mission to unite art with science and engineering.  

“Space travel and exploration to Mars is a reality.  This is the beginning of a new era, not only for G-Star, but for the future of the entire world,” says Greg Hauptner, founder of G Star.  "We have entered into the most innovative and creative era in human history.  Something this monumental creates advancements in our everyday world from high-tech toothbrushes to tourist space travel to medical breakthroughs.  Hundreds of thousands of new businesses are already developing new products we never dreamed of; ready to hire our students for the increasing demand for their products and creating incredible job opportunities for the future."

From the NASA HUNCH website:

"The NASA HUNCH Mission is to empower and inspire students through a Project Based Learning program where high school students learn 21st century skills and have the opportunity to launch their careers through the participation in the design and fabrication of real world valued products for NASA."

G-Star High School of the Arts is a proud member of the Charter Schools USA family of schools Founded by Jonathan Hage in 1997. CSUSA is one of the largest and highest performing education management companies in the United States serving more than 80,000 students in 98 schools with more than 10,000 employees. 

Enrollment for G-Star School of the Arts is underway. Those interested may apply online at www.gstarschool.org or call 561-967-2023 for a personal tour.


Media Contact:
Kim Collins – Principal of G Start School of the Arts
[email protected]