February 2, 2021


A Boynton Beach couple pitched their business idea for a special snack to ABC’s panel of TV sharks. Jennifer and Michael Gallagher are the co-founders of His and Her Bar, a unique product billed as “the world’s first aphrodisiac bar.” The snack-bar-with-a-twist, made with chocolate, dates, and a variety of nuts, contains maca root.


The Gallaghers explained that maca is a “Peruvian natural Viagra,” and introduced their tasty invention on Shark Tank. The episode aired last month, reaching millions of viewers during prime-time television. The couple admits their snack does not provide “instant gratification,” but believes it’s a “healthy lifestyle product that boosts libido naturally.” Prior to becoming entrepreneurs, Michael served as a Palm Beach County firefighter and Jennifer worked as an advertising sales and marketing professional. To learn more, visit


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