September 2, 2020

With four inlets adjacent to large public parks, coastal angles can be captured all throughout Palm Beach County.

DuBois Park looking north from the lagoon

Jupiter Inlet connects a variety of waterways to several parks. DuBois Park provides a lagoon as a great option for filmmakers who want to avoid wind noise or get a cheat for a river crossing.  The trees in Jupiter Beach Park block the view of condos to the south making a practically seamless green backdrop. Other nearby parks include Jupiter Island Park and Sawfish Bay.

Cruise ship passing Peanut Island

Lake Worth Inlet, aka Palm Beach Inlet, provides access to the ocean from Lake Worth Lagoon and the Port of Palm BeachPeanut Island sits in the middle of the waterway and is a popular spot for fun in the sun on the sandbar. The beaches around the island offer white sand and great views of ships as they enter and exit the Port of Palm Beach.

Boynton Beach Inlet

Boynton Beach Inlet sits just north of Ocean Inlet Park and together they provide a variety of coastal angles with a small marina, coconut palms and coral rock on the intracoastal side, along with huge black rocks on the ocean side. Fishing is popular with a platform of the south side of the waterway and along the seawall. The park has plenty of shade and parking for crews.

Eshelman Pavilion

Boca Raton Inlet is the southernmost inlet in the County, with South Inlet Park on the south side of the waterway. The park has a Moorish architectural remnant on site that was saved from the Cabana Sun Club before it was demolished, and sits on the property as a shade structure and outdoor event venue.


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