Fury Road Riding Club Rolls into The Real Highwaymen

August 1, 2017

Fury Road Riding Club Rolls into The Real Highwaymen;
Landscape Artists Exhibit-Turned Movie

(LtoR) Tray, Michael Razler, Adrienne Mazzone, Al Black, Kelvin Hair,Andrew Sloane, Adam Willis

(Jake Mazzone Photography)

Boca Raton, Florida (July 31, 2017) - Fury Road Riding Club (www.FuryRoadRC.com), the fastest growing motorcycle enthusiast riding club in South Florida pulls up at the Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Center to support The Highwaymen art exhibit Saturday afternoon.  

Fury Road R.C. makes appearances at charity and community events to offer awareness and bring some loud fun to all occasions. Not only did they bring some rolling thunder on wheels, their timing was impeccable. Shortly after riding out, the power went out due to South Florida’s typicalsummer weather. 

"We're full-throttle-in to see through that this story is told and to gain traction for this project,” said Adrienne Mazzone, President, TransMedia Group and Fury Road R.C. Director of Media Relations.  “Meeting the real-life Highwayman Al Black and descendant Kelvin Hair is a true honor, as they are the brains behind assembly-line strategic painting.”

Over 50 years ago, The Highwaymen were before their time as impeccable collaborators of marketing and art.With their roots in Fort Pierce dating back to the 1960s; theselandscape artists strived to sell their works along the highway to the stream of tourists coming to The Sunshine State. Now a major feature film,'The Unknowns — Talent is Colorblind,' is in the works coordinated by Producer, Walter T. Shaw

Fury Road Riding Club rides all over South Florida promoting charities and events such as this historically inclined project and hosts an All-Riders-Welcome Bike Night on Tuesdays at Buffalo Wild Wings, 1219 South Federal Highway, Rivertown Square, Deerfield Beach.

For more information about Fury Road Riding Club visit www.FuryRoadRC.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

To get involved with The Highwaymen, visit www.TheUnknownsMovieTalentIsColorBlind.com.

For additional hi res images, jmazzonephotography@gmail.com.


Fury Road is an organically grown riding club consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts that all have a similar desire to ride and ride for others.  Our mission of dedication in making an impact throughout South Florida and beyond has created a full throttle of interest from people all over the state.  Fury Road R.C. riders attend many events from grand openings to fundraisers, educational institutions and even missions that involved decorated US servicemen and women.  Everyone, including attendees and members of the media, adds to the success of each endeavor as we assist in many ways from inviting media, raising attention and sharing your mission with others.  Our target is to add exposure to charities across South Florida and beyond!

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