Ready, Set, Stop Motion! Film and Video Virtual Summer Class by the Kravis Center

Jul 12 to 16, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Ready, Set, Stop Motion!
Instructors: Kravis Center Film and Video Department’s Jon Glassman, Kenneth Greenbaum, Matthew Wilt
July 12-16
1:00 -2:00pm
Recommended Age: 9-15

Cost:  $125.00 for the week per person.
The Kravis Center’s Film & Video Department offers this highly imaginative class on Stop Motion. Stop motion is the creative technique in which physical objects are moved in small increments and photographed and edited together to convey the effect that the object has moved on its own.  Students will learn the history of stop motion and how it has been used in aspects of advertising and in entertainment (such as Gumby, Wallace and Gromit, or The Nightmare Before Christmas). Creative experimenting will start with cut fruit, then move on to a household toy, and finally live actors. Students will learn camera, lighting, and basic stop motion techniques, as they enjoy conceptualizing, producing, and finalizing their very own stop motion scene to be showcased on the final day. Requirements: smart phone, iPad, or tablet. Stop motion app: Stop motion studio. Free version will suffice (by Cateater).
Collection of objects to animate
Suggested: tripod or stand for device   ( Link to sign up. )


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