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Guidelines For Student Permitting

Students are welcome to film their projects in The Palm Beaches through the Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission's Student One-Stop Permitting Process.

Students are expected to behave in a professional manner and not disrupt normal business at any location.  Student filmmakers should carefully consider their script and avoid scenes that obstruct pedestrians or traffic in any way.

The health, welfare and safety of people and wildlife can not be compromised.  Students are not to engage in any activity that threatens or endangers or puts any person or animal at risk.

ALL inquiries regarding filming on public property should go through our office.  Students or instructors should not reach out directly to county or municipalities for information relating to filming as there is a protocol for permission that must be followed for a permit to be issued. A permit typically takes three full business days to issue, the FTC can not put a rush on a student permit.

Teachers and/or designated school representatives that are on-location during filming by high school students are required to ensure that all students conduct themselves according to the Student One-Stop Permitting Guidelines and as outlined in the permit.

All locations should be left in their original condition so that future production projects may enjoy the same use and privileges of the property.

After filming concludes the property MUST be cleaned and all props, packaging, tape, garbage, and trash, as well as any other materials brought to the location, are to be removed from the property. 

The designated school representative that is on location during a high school production will conduct a complete walk through of all areas used at the location after filming is completed to make sure the location is restored to the same condition prior to shoot.

High school students should review the School District of Palm Beach County “Student Rules & Regulations of Operations” Part IV outlined in the Student & Family Handbook. High school students involved in production, must have a signed Parent/Student Acknowledgement on file at their respective school.  If acknowledgement is not on file, the student(s) can not be allowed to participate in their class production project.

The Student One-Stop Permitting process is a privilege, not a right.  This privilege can be denied for unacceptable behavior.  In order to provide a safe and professional shoot, the FTC expects mutual respect and common courtesy from all who engage in the Student One-Stop Permitting Process.

The FTC reserves the right; in its discretion; to revoke a permit from any classroom or school that has violated the privilege by not following the Student One-Stop Permitting Guidelines or acting in a manner that is counterproductive to the guidelines.          

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*If you are a student outside of the School District of Palm Beach County, please refer to your school’s handbook for additional guidelines.