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G-Star Cell Phone Film Festival A Smash Hit!

December 23, 2015

G-Star Cell Phone Film Festival a Smash Hit!

Palm Springs, FL (12/22/2015) – G-Star Studios, in cooperation with the Palm Beach International Film Festival, recently held the Cell Phone Film Festival for Middle School Students (CPFF) event and Red Carpet Awards in Sound Stage One.  The big pay off?  Their work was judged by Academy Award and Emmy Award winners and producers of major feature films!  This first annual film festival is the only one of its kind in the nation for middle school students.  Over 140 students shot 32 short films on the Studios’ back lot.  G-Star School of the Arts’ high school students mentored the middle school students in the arts and sciences of film production including pre-production, production, and post production; plus acting, script writing, camera, lighting, sound and editing.  The event was free to attend and required no prior experience in the field. 

“It was a great turnout for a first year event,” states CPFF Founder, Dawn Hauptner.  “G-Star School owns the G-Star Studios which has one of the top seven sound stages in world.  We thought it would be great to give all middle school students in Palm Beach County the opportunity to shoot their own film with their friends in a real motion picture studio.  Parents were invited to stay for the days of the film productions.  They were very happy.”  Students could not contain their excitement and parents were raving about the incredible time had by all saying, “The kids had an amazing experience, we can’t wait to see their work!”  The wait is over.  Their final films were sent to the judges who include Bobby Moresco, Academy Award winning Co-Writer and Producer of CRASH and Million Dollar Baby; Jeff Davis, Producer of Rock of Ages starring Tom Cruise and Legally Blonde on Broadway; Crescenzo Notarile, Emmy Award winning cinematographer of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations and CSA Nominee for Gotham; and Writer/Producer Arthur Bernstein whose film Walt Before Mickey is in theaters now.

The Red Carpet Awards, where all the films were shown, have taken place with the winners in ten categories receiving gold Academy Award-type statues and every middle school student participant receiving a Creative Film Production Crew certificate.  Everyone walked the Red Carpet to receive their award or certificate. 

And the Winners are...

Best Picture: "The Bully Killer" by J&J Productions from the Conservatory of North Palm Beach

Best Actor: "The Bully Killer" - Jason Smith

Best Actress: "Forget Me Not - Alexa Rubenstein

Best Cinematography: "Wonderland" - Nate Livingston

Best Title Credits: "Forget Me Not" - Adam Goldstick

Best Sound: "The Bully Killer" - Joseph De Angelis

Best Music: "Forget Me Not" - Banana Head Films

Best Editor: "The Bully Killer" - Joseph De Angelis

Best Lighting: "The Bully Killer: - J&J Productions