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Local Film Festivals



African American Film Festival

The Kravis Center’s African-American Film Festival is an annual event that was founded by James Drayton. This special series includes films that feature African-American actors and directors and convey the African-American experience. This annual series strives to educate, entertain and enlighten attendees.

Boca International Jewish Film Festival

Veteran film festival directors Wendy Honig, Lesley Rich and Arleen Roberts invite you to join them in celebrating Jewish / Israeli cinema, culture and traditions at the new Boca International Jewish Film Festival. During February and March, filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and industry professionals will gather to appreciate the art of filmmaking with a broad selection of films screening at Cinemark Palace 20 and Movies of Delray and Lake Worth.


Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival

The Judy Levis Krug Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival features films, documentaries, comedies and shorts that explore the Jewish experience, culture, history, identity and topics relevant to Jewish life. Their mission is to provide the newest, most stimulating and thought provoking films that encourage audiences to expand their understanding of the Jewish world and engage in dialogue to explore the many diverse perspectives portrayed by the films presented.




Sun & Stars International Film Festival

Featuring highly anticipated, critically acclaimed and thought-provoking films and events with actors, directors and industry guests.  Bringing the work of both emerging and established filmmakers from around the world into the County, the festival fosters collaboration with community partners, diverse populations, and student filmmakers to bring a mix voices and perspectives to film discussions and panels.


L-Dub Film Festival in Lake Worth


L-Dub Lake Worth Film Festival

Launched with the goal of uniting hundreds of people, industry professionals, students and enthusiasts to expand upon independent filmmaking in South Florida. Film enthusiasts enjoy an eclectic collection of films produced by South Florida filmmakers. L-Dub is held in the Lake Worth Playhouse’s Stonzek Theatre and in the historic and cultural area of downtown Lake Worth, where guests can enjoy a variety local of sidewalk music, shops, and quality dining.



The Palm Beach Film Festival

Palm Beach Film Festival presents some of the best new featured films, short films and documentaries. We welcome you to join us and enjoy activities including the official opening gala, meet & greet events, discussions and Q&A Sessions. 

Swedefest in Palm Beach

Subtropic Film Festival

Formerly known as Sub Culture the newly rebranded Subtropic Film Fest is a celebration of emerging filmmakers in South Florida. With a commitment to providing a platform for new talent, the festival aims to showcase the diversity and creativity of the region's film industry. With regular screenings, events, and collaborations, Subtropic Film Fest, in partnership with Afflux Studios and Norton Museum, is bringing together filmmakers and artists for networking and collaboration opportunities.



Swedefest in Palm Beach

Swede Fest Palm Beach

Inspired by the 2008 Jack Black comedy “Be Kind Rewind,” Swede Fest Palm Beach was crafted as a fun and entertaining way to get South Floridians involved in amateur filmmaking. What is a “Swede?” A laughably bad, no-budget, remake of a major Hollywood film. Swede Fest Palm Beach gets raves for providing a venue for amateur filmmakers to showcase their ingenuity and sense of humor. It’s a night of big laughs and good-natured homage to big films.


Student Showcase of Films | Largest student film competition in Florida   

The Palm Beaches Student Showcase of Films

The Student Showcase of Films is the largest statewide film competition and award show for Florida student filmmakers, screenwriters, graphic design and digital media artists. Over the years, the SSOF has awarded over $2 million in cash, scholarships and prizes. The juried competition recognizes outstanding high school and college students and will present over $20,000 in scholarships and awards this year. Students are judged by industry professionals from around the globe with finalists honored at an live awards show.


Swedefest in Palm Beach

Wellington Film Festival

Held each year in Wellington and surrounding areas, the Wellington Film Festival features regional films as well as international films, focusing on independent and student filmmakers. 
The Film Festival is an in-person event and will include venues such as the Movies of Lake Worth, the Movies at Wellington and Belair 509 Restaurant.


Wild & Scenic Film Festival

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival inspires environmental activism and a love for nature–through film. Wild & Scenic shares an urgent call to action, encouraging festival-goers to learn more about what they can do to save our threatened planet.

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