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Education PSA

The Education PSA category was created to honor
Donald E. Ross having dedicated his life to educating well-rounded,
global citizens and to tirelessly advocating for better education for everyone.  

The Donald E. Ross Education PSA

Open to Florida high school and college students 
Video must be 30 or 60 seconds (TRT) or less
 $1,000 Award
Funds will be awarded to the submitting school

Submitted projects will be judged on the following set of criteria:

Message - Importance of Education
Production Design
Special Effects

DESCRIPTION: Education provides us with knowledge about the world. It paves the way for a good career. It helps build character. It leads to enlightenment. It lays the foundation of a stronger nation. Education makes a person complete. When students lose sight of their education, they will encounter future difficulties. The best way to understand the importance of education is to enlighten people on why education is important to an individual’s career choice. An effective PSA is the perfect way to show how an educated individual, in any industry or market, has a far better chance of obtaining employment and a solid career path. However, the importance of education is not only found in the ability to secure employment, but is also connected to fiscal responsibility, the development of a specified skill-set as well as an overall responsible and logic-based mind. 

APPLICATION PROCESS: To begin the process of submitting your Education PSA project, complete the Student Showcase of Films Online Application. Our system will guide you through the necessary steps to completion.