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  • West Palm Beach Weather:
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Poster Design

Each year students are invited to create and submit a poster design to promote the
Student Showcase of Films competition for the following year.  The winning design is used
throughout the year to market the competition to schools across the state of Florida.  

Open to Florida high school and college students
$750 Award
Funds will be awarded in the artist's name

APPLICATION PROCESS: To begin the process of submitting a Poster design, complete the Student Showcase of Films Online Application. Our system will guide you through the necessary steps to completion.

Please review the following information prior to creating your poster.

All the information below MUST be incorporated into the poster design,
the poster that you are designing is for the 2022 competition.

28th Annual Palm Beaches Student Showcase of Films

Free to Enter

Deadline for Entries: January 2023

$20,000 Cash Prizes



Red Carpet Award Show: Spring 2023

Florida's Largest Student Film Competition & Awards Show

Categories for Entry:

Burt Reynolds Scholarship
Sara Fuller Scholarship
College Feature/Short
High School Feature/Short
Music Video
Environmental PSA
Education PSA
Poster Design

Other words or sentences may be included but ALL the above information MUST be included to be considered.

The design specifications below must be followed in order to be considered as a finalist

Design & Trim Size: 11”x17”

Bleed: .0125” (1/8”) on all sides = 18.0125 X 24.0125 (11 1/8 x 17 1/8)

Without Bleed: 11” X 17”

Live Area (for text and non-bleed graphic elements): 10.75” x 16.75”, which will allow an internal margin of .125” (1/8”)

Minimum resolution for all files 300dpi and embedded elements is 300dpi

All files must CMYK and all embedded graphic elements must be converted to CMYK before embedding

Original Files should be submitted as a “Press Quality” UN-flattened Adobe Photoshop (.psd) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files with all links embedded

Designs incorporating images or elements not owned by the artist must be accompanied by a statement of copyright license for use, “fair use” exception, or public domain

Incorporate these three required logos into your poster design entry in a creative way where the logo is visible.
Please scale properly so they are not stretched.


Download Image


Download Image


Download Image

If you have any questions regarding the logos please email StudentShowcase@pbfilm.com  

Include the following in your submission package:

  • A copy of the signed Online Application and a photocopy of the applicant’s Student I.D.

  • A Printed, Full Color Hard Copy of the Poster for judging purposes. Printed entry size should be, 11" X 17"

  • An unflattened digital version of the poster on a thumb drive or CD clearly marked with applicant’s name, school name, and the words Poster Entry on it with a permanant marker.

  • Any non-standard or special FONTS used in your poster should be included on thumb drive/CD for correct replication or fonts may be subject to change.

Submission Packages: Include all of the required information in an envelope and label with the applicant’s name, school name, and category in which you are applying.  Applicants may be disqualified if the above requirements are not met. Judging is based on many factors including following instructions, proper verbiage and size requirements.

Mail or Deliver Submissions to:
Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission
ATTN Student Showcase of Films
2195 Southern Blvd., Suite 520
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

APPLICATION PROCESS: To begin the process of submitting your Poster design, complete the Student Showcase of Films Online Application. Our system will guide you through the necessary steps to completion.