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Screenwriting Sponsored By Michael Chasin

The Nellie and Fred Chasin Screenwriting Award

PB Flim

The art of storytelling and writing compelling dialogue is known as screenplay or scriptwriting. 

Please review all criteria prior to developing your script

Open to Florida High School and Florida College Students
$650 Award 
Funds will be awarded in the student's name. 

Submitted projects will be judged on the following set of criteria:

Story: Original/Creative
Hero: Defined/Unique/Goals
Characters: Original/Fully Realized
Structure: Setup/Conflict/Resolution
Dialogue: Consistent/Unique/Economical
The Page: Formatting/Readability/Descriptions
Emotion: Thought-provoking/Engaging/Satisfying

All work must be original; adaptations are not allowed. Submissions should be written in the English language and in the U.S. Motion Picture industry standard screenplay format and between 5 and 20 pages in length. All work must be original, adaptations are not allowed. Screenplays may be written in any of the industry standard software, to assure that your submitted screenplay maintains its' industry standard formatting; ONLY submissions in PDF will be accepted.


1. Complete the online application and accept/agree to all terms/conditions including your signature and your student ID.
2. A cover page containing the name of the screenplay, the writers name and a logline.

3. Upload your cover page and screenplay submission to FilmFreeway (Please spell check your script as spelling, punctuation and grammar are part of the judging process).