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  • West Palm Beach Weather:
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Scholarship Opportunities

Submissions for this year’s competition are closed and will reopen in October 2024

PB Flim

Mr. Reynolds was an avid supporter of The Palm Beaches Student Showcase of Films (SSOF) and a mentor to up-and-coming talent. Each year, Palm Beach County high school seniors involved in a film program are invited to apply for the scholarship bearing his name.

The SSOF continues to honor excellence in filmmaking by providing additional scholarships to the top contenders though the Sara Fuller Scholarshipsponsored by Film Florida; the Mel Maron Scholarship and new for 2024, the Gray Family Scholarship & the Dr. B. Carleton Bryant Scholarship.

Eligible to Palm Beach County High School Seniors

  Burt Reynolds Scholarship $5,000
  Sara Fuller Scholarship   $1,000
  Mel Maron Scholarship          $1,000
  Gray Family Scholarship   $1,000
  Dr. B. Carleton Bryant Scholarship     $1,000

Funds awarded in the student's name



Complete the application (now closed) and accept/agree to all terms/conditions. Include required signatures and your student ID and upload all documents through the website.

Compile the following supporting documents and upload them.
These documents are assigned a point value toward your overall score.

Please check each requirement and make sure included in your packet, or your application may be rejected.

  1. A self-authored letter to the Burt Reynolds Scholarship Committee addressing the following:
  1. A letter of recommendation from your film, digital media, or television instructor.  The letter must include the following:
  1. If applicable, your letter of acceptance to college(s).
  1. Demo reel (a sampling of your film work) uploaded to Film Freeway

Finalist Interview Process:

Scoring Criteria

Applicants are scored a total of 50 points based upon their ability to follow instructions and provide the criteria outlined. Please note - Missing documentation will result in loss of points. Scores are calculated based on the following: