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PB Flim

Environmental PSA

Submissions for this year’s competition are closed and will reopen in October 2024

PB Flim

Sponsored by Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful

Trash jeopardizes the health of the ocean, coastline, economy and people. It’s in our ocean and waterways and on our beaches—and is here to stay unless we change our practices.

Please review ll criteria prior to developing your PSA

Open to Florida High School and College Students
Video must be 30 or 60 seconds (TRT) or less  
$1,000 Award 
Funds will be awarded to the submitting school

Submitted projects will be judged on the following set of criteria:

Production Value

Main message of the PSA should capture the following: 

The intent of your PSA submission is to persuade the public to take action on an environmental issue we’re facing in the State of Florida. Topics include local environmental issues that the public, could help remedy.  Your task is to make them care enough to act!  Topics can address the following issues:


Sample Topic: 
Waterway and ocean trash compromises the health of humans, wildlife, ecosystems, and the people and communities that depend on healthy waterways and ocean.


Sample Topic: 
Recycle Right – What items to bin – what items to trash.

Waste Reduction

Sample Topic: 
Reducing Single Item use such as plastic straws, plastic bags, etc.

Community Greening

Sample Topic: 
Planting trees to mitigate climate change, and create a healthy, sustainable environment.

Sample Topic:
Go native! Planting Florida native plants provides shelter and food for wildlife. Native plants promote biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage.