If you plan to host a film project at your property, you could become an ambassador of the community to the production company, with benefits for neighbors and the community at large. By encouraging the production team to treat the community with care, you can help ensure that the filming experience is positive for everyone and that productions will be welcomed in the future. When hosting film projects in a neighborhood or business district, residents and merchants should do their part to be good neighbors.

Neighbors' concerns should be addressed quickly to ensure the shoot goes smoothly and that it will be a positive experience for everyone involved.

Every effort should be made to ensure that production company members do not unnecessarily disturb your neighbors.

It is a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors to increase rapport and personally notify them that filming will be taking place at your property or place of business.  Many jurisdictions require notification prior to filming taking place as part of the permitting process.

Discuss the company's planned activities and parking plans prior to the shoot.  Convey any concerns voiced by your neighbors to the production company.  This will help avoid problems like blocked access to driveways that can cause ill will between neighbors.

When appropriate, and only with advance approval by the film company, invite neighbors to view the filming and meet the crew, be sure to communicate with the on site location manager to ensure a good time for a set visit.  This will go a long way to promote positive neighborhood relations.

Hosting productions frequently can take a toll on neighbors who may not receive the direct financial benefits that you enjoy.  You may want to consider ways you can give something back to your community for the inconvenience, such as support for local organizations or simply hosting a backyard barbeque.

When filming occurs at night, bright lights and noise may disturb your neighbors.  Be sure to discuss such activities with your neighbors who may be impacted and make sure the production company addresses their concerns.  People want to feel that they have been included in decisions about activities that may directly affect them.

Filming in residential neighborhoods/homes may not require a production company to apply for a film permit unless activities outside of city ordinates are taking place or if vehicles are being parked in the roadway.  Examples of activities that require a permit include: noise, special lighting, vehicle/equipment parking, special effects, stunts, etc. Obtaining a permit is the responsibility of the production company and permits for filming in Palm Beach County are free.

Hosting a film shoot

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