Insurance Requirements for Free Film PermitsInsurance is Required to Film on Public Property

Production Must Have a Comprehensive or Commercial General Liability Policy

- A limit not less than $1 million each occurrence
- Include contractual liability to cover indemnification agreement in permit

Business Auto Policy required if filming from within a vehicle or vehicle to vehicle

- A limit not less than $1 million each occurrence
- Coverage must include liability for “any auto or scheduled autos” including any hired and non-    owned automobiles 

Workers Compensation and Employers Liability – Florida

- Must comply with Chapter 440 of the Florida Statues covering Florida Statutory benefits and       employers liability ($100/$500/$100).
- Applies to firms that have one or more employees regardless of requirements of statute
- Evidence of Workers Compensation Coverage must be submitted on a bona fide Certificate of     Insurance (COI).  Palm Beach County need not be included as an additional insured on the COI   if only Workers Compensation Policy is noted on the COI as it is against rules of this coverage;   however, our office must be provided with proper notice of cancellation in accordance with the   filming permit.
- If your company does not have workers compensation coverage, please fill out the Workers   Compensation Waiver.

 All Certificates Must Include

- A 30-day endeavor to notify cancellation or non-renewal
- Authorized personnel signature at the bottom of the insurance certificate


Aircraft or Watercraft Liability is required when filming normal activity from within an aircraft or watercraft in motion or filming staged aircraft or watercraft in motion

-A limit not less than $1 million each occurrence

Stunt Liability

- A limit not less than $5 million each occurrence


Why do I need workers compensation?
Palm Beach County requires anyone working in the County to provide workers compensation. The only exception is when the company does not have any employees, only executive officers, partners or proprietors.  In that case the company may submit an exemption form.

What if my insurance agent has questions?

Please have your agent contact our office at 561.233.1000 with any questions.  Since insurance requirements are very specific, we urge you to give your agent a copy of these questions and forward them the insurance verbiage that will be emailed to you once a permit application has been submitted.

May I use my insurance certificate again later in the year?
Yes, provided the insurance is still in effect.  Most certificates have a specific length of active time plus a cancellation time frame.  The FTC will hold your insurance certificates on file.

May I bring a blank certificate and fill in the municipality names when I decide where I want to shoot and complete the information in handwriting?
No, all information on insurance certificates must be completed by the insurance company for proper validation.  This can easily be accommodated by e-mail or fax.

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