Studios and soundstages in Palm Beach County

Production Studios Over 3,000 Square Feet

ASK Media Productions / Precision Aerial Filmworks 

7,000 sq ft studio
Green Cyc, White Cyc
Full functioning kitchen set with overhead grip
Black wrap around curtain
Sound booth and editing bay
2Ton Sprinter G&E Package

Adam Kaplan

Delray Beach Arts Warehouse

15,000 sq ft warehouse conversion
Wet and dry art studios
Classroom, multi-use and exhibition spaces
Easels, tables, whiteboards, lighting and kitchens

Grace Gdaniec

G Star Studios   

80 x 120 sq ft sound stage
13 buildings on 12 acres
35’ to the grid and 45’ in total height with cat walk

Joey Ambrose

Ko-Mar Productions   

6000 sq ft studio with a 30 ft. ceiling and grid. 
Corner has 40 X 40ft. white cyc that goes up 14 ft.

Todd Kolich

Multi Image Group   

Full 35’ x 40’ Cyc
30’ x 40’ Adjustable Grid
Large 20' x 30' Green Room / kitchen / back entrance
Full Custom Scenic Shop / prop fabrication
Large Video / Lighting Support
Audio Suite
24/7 Support

Bonnie Kirshner    

WXEL South Florida PBS Production Services

Studio A: 67' x 60' (4,020 sq ft)
23' to the grid     Black/White soft cyc
Studio B: 43' x 33' (1,419 sq ft)
12' to the grid     Black/White soft cyc

Mary Pat

Production Studios Under 3,000 Square Feet

Beyond The Pines Productions

1,300 sq ft
White Cyc 14ft high, 23ft wide, 23ft long
Overhead Grip (under construction)
Black Curtain (to be added)
Gear Rentals (available on location)
Editing Bay

Dominic Anaya   
561.571.2670 or 561.572.1408

Hola TV

Olympusat Entertainment   

Studio 30' x 30'
Screen 25' x 20' CYC

Yeshuah Castillo
O-561.472.2853 C-561.573.1562 F-561.684.6583

Pace Branding & Marketing

45x45 room with 40' x 17' Green Screen CYC Studio

Diana Riser

Studio Baral

Video Production, Camera Rentals and Crew
CYCLORAMA, Green Screen, Lighting Grid w/ Control Board, Broadcast Switcher
Photography, Creative Services, RED EPIC and ARRI Alexa

Paola Guzman

Insert Stages

Insight Productions

27’ x 17’ insert studio

Ben Wilson

Jetty Productions

800 sq ft (18ft ceiling) insert studio

Neilson Paty

Plum Productions

Insert studio

Rob Jager

Recording Studios

DC Studios

Dream Machine Recording & Co.

Echo Beach Studios

Lakeshore Recording Services

Onsite Recording Services

Saturn Sound Studios




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