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Welcome to the Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission’s One-Stop Permitting Process. Permits are issued for public property (i.e. parks, beaches, streets, sidewalks, public buildings) within 34 film-friendly municipalities and taxing districts in The Palm Beaches.  Standard permits require three business days to process. If you need a quicker turn around, please contact our office immediately. Production that road closures, intermittent traffic control, closing public areas, etc., typically take longer to process.

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Feel free to call us at 561.233.1000 or

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Securing a permit requires a $1 million comprehensive or commercial general liability policy. If you are using any vehicles, watercraft or aircraft in the filming, please consult with our staff to find out what additional coverage is needed. If any stunts or special effects will be part of production, there is a $5 million policy requirement. Depending on the location you are filming at, within the County will determine which insurance certificates will be required. Once you have filled out the permit application, an email will be sent to you with the exact wording that will need to go on each certificate.  Please see FAQ's for more details regarding insurance for commercial productions in The Palm Beaches.

Please be advised that our office does not issue permits for the Town of Palm Beach. 
If you would like to film in the Town of Palm Beach, you may contact our office for more information or reach out directly to the Code Enforcement Unit at the Town of Palm Beach Police Department at 561.227.7080    
or via email at


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