November 6, 2019

Nature makes a lovely backdrop and can be found all across the County, not only in manicured landscapes but in parcels of land with the purpose to preserve our natural resources.

The Fern Forest at Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area

Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area is a hidden gem in Palm Beach Gardens with many options for filming scenes in the woods or capturing lifestyle imagery. Slash pines and live oaks create a dense canopy on the eastern side of the area while the west side is less dense and much sunnier. The fern forest is a nice backdrop along with many forest-floor options from sand to grass and pine needles. 

The tall grasses at
Winding Waters Natural Area

Peace and quiet can be found at Winding Waters Natural Area in West Palm Beach with 548 acres of hiking and paddling options designed to help people connect with nature. Fall colors are on display with golden brown fields of tall grasses with seed pods and tassels waving in the breeze. Colorful butterflies dance on the orange, red and yellow blossoms of the fire bush shrubs. 

The bridge to the Pondhawk Natural Area

Just behind Boca Raton’s Spanish River Library lies the entry into the 79 acres known as Pondhawk Natural Area and the Blue Lake Loop. The area offers a mix of paved and soft surfaces and is popular with runners and bikers for fitness.  The wetland restoration has created a welcoming environment for birds and wildlife. A wide concrete path meanders around the lake and provides different backdrops.

Canoe Trail at The Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

The Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge is the County’s largest remnant of the Everglades encompassing 221 square miles of watery sawgrasses, lotus blossoms and cypress forests along with many species of wildlife, fish and birds. The massive area allows for big sky and sunset images to be captured without any structures to distract the viewer.  For more information, please visit pbfilm.com/location-directory or discover.pbcgov.org/erm.


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