October 2, 2019

Filming on the beautiful beaches in Palm Beach County is as easy as filling out a permit application online. For over 30 years, PBC has welcomed commercial production with free permits. Our 47 miles of coastline offer a variety of options, including limestone rocks, black smooth rocks the size of small cars, coral and sand.

One of our most requested looks is “a remote beach” with no buildings in the eye line. Our best remote beach is found in North Palm Beach at John D. MacArthur State Park. The view to the north reveals a curved coastline with a long horizon line that works perfectly for action early morning or late afternoon.

Looking north at
John D. MacArthur State Park

Piers always make the shoreline interesting with a structure to frame against and splashing waves to make swimwear, sun protection and other lifestyle imagery a breeze. If production needs an interior place to rest models and work the wardrobe, the Lake Worth Casino Building and Beach Complex has a beautiful ballroom on the second floor available.

Lake Worth Beach and Pier

Activities go beyond swimming and looking for shells at Delray Beach with kayak and cabana rentals, volleyball and catamarans parked along the beach near Seaspray Avenue. The new and improved sidewalks and hardscaping along A1A adds a wave pattern to break up the standard straight urban lines.

Catamarans on Delray Beach

PBC offers a variety of rocks and textures to choose from including Anastasia limestone to the north and coral outcrops in the south, as well as some extra-large black granite rocks at Ocean Inlet Park in Boynton Beach. Coastline activities range from fishing along the inlet, to snorkeling, diving and boating with vessels of all shapes and sizes moving in the background.

Black granite boulders at Ocean Inlet Park


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