October 3, 2019

NBC’s Today Show visited Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC) in Juno Beach to film a segment titled Climate Change: Inside efforts to save America’s sea turtles. The compelling segment spotlights the LMC’s sea turtle hospital, their massive quantity of data from one of the world’s most prolific sea turtle nesting beaches, and the Center's global ocean conservation and marine debris initiatives which now span six continents. “This segment can be used as a very powerful tool in helping to showcase the importance of our mission of ocean and sea turtle conservation and ultimately the critical importance of the #WavesOfProgress expansion campaign which will allow us to accelerate and amplify our impact here in Florida and around the globe.” said LMC President & CEO Jack Lighton. The sea turtle that was released during filming was named “Today” in honor of the show’s visit, and can be tracked at marinelife.org/turtles/today.




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