G-Star students put emergency personnel to the test as 30 students from G-Star School of the Arts joined 100 medical students to stage a school shooting at the Health Career Institute (HCI) in West Palm Beach. G-Star’s Shannon Brixner and RJ Fiore applied makeup effects on the actors’ faces, legs, backs and arms. Annabel Seidemann played the part of a gunshot wound victim while screaming and thrashing on a table. “It’s unfortunate that we have to do shooting drills,” said David Shelpman, HCI Vice President. “But if one happens close to home, I want our future to be prepared.”

G-Star Student, Annabel Seidmann

There’s no doubt that HCI grads will be prepared, thanks to the enthusiastic student actors of G-Star. For more info, visit gstarschool.org.


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