June 6, 2019

The award-winning Pamplin Film Company has announced completion of a film featuring one of Burt Reynolds’ last interviews, a feature length documentary inspired by Palm Beach resident Louise Levison’s best-selling book Filmmakers & Financing. “We are finalizing plans for a world premiere event locally,” said producer Maggie Pamplin, “featuring a discussion after the film with associates of Reynolds. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated in Reynolds’ name for student scholarships,” she added. “It was a lifelong dream to work with Reynolds,” said Writer-Director Rick Pamplin, “and it was well worth the wait. I think our film shows a side of him the public didn’t know and presents him as he really was, not just a wisecracking movie star but a passionate artist, educator and actor.” The movie is a Think Visual Group production filmed entirely on location in Florida and features multiple Palm Beach County locations. Check out next month’s Focus On Film for information on the premiere screening, and see more at

Reynolds On Screen


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