Look out for up-and-coming opera singer Bogdan Volkov in the Sound Bites column of notable Opera News magazine. Founded in 1936 by the Metropolitan Opera Guild, Opera News is a monthly publication distributed internationally that focuses on performer profiles, production reviews, and insights into the current state of opera. Opera News frequently commissions work in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Chicago, but their team visited the El Cid neighborhood in West Palm Beach to profile tenor Volkov (who has performed around the globe) and his involvement with the Palm Beach Opera production of Don Giovanni. Design Director Trent Johnson was drawn to El Cid because of “the rich, layered architectural styles and lush foliage. It provides a lovely backdrop that can be focused in pictures to appear Old World, but a wider survey of the visual contrasts show the area as uniquely Floridian.” The Opera News team found the area affordable and welcoming, noting West Palm Beach’s hospitality. Read more at operanews.com.

Bogdan Volkov


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