October 11, 2018

Every year, spectacular events take place just off our coast in the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic ocean. Each fall, schools of mullet migrate southward in impressively tight schools known as bait balls. Large groups of goliath groupers join together at the end of summer for one of the biggest undersea social events of the season – spawning. Our local population is joined seasonally each year by visiting fish that have traveled great distances in search of warmer waters. Sound familiar? Whether it’s the Gulfstream current, reefs, or wrecks they favor, the behavior of the mullet and goliath groupers is enough to attract international production to the area. Major media outlets like the BBC and the NHK (Japanese public broadcasting) have come to our shores to capture the amazing wildlife for exciting new television programs. Beaches were selected up and down the coast of The Palm Beaches to give an ideal viewing platform for these impressive wildlife events. Boats and drones were utilized by both crews to accommodate filming from sea and air. The extraordinary footage they are capturing will be shared via television programs across the world. Learn more at bbcstudios.com/teams/the-natural-history-unit.


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