September 7, 2018


Palm Beach County has been home for stars and legends. In addition to celebrities, television stars and musicians, world-class authors such like James Patterson and Tim Dorsey find true inspiration in The Palm Beaches. Wellington resident Steve Alten is the author of the popular novel Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, the book which inspired this summer’s hottest box office smash, The Meg. This action-packed megalodon monster movie is the long-awaited adaptation of Alten’s popular book. Both the book and the film follow a deep-sea diver (played by Jason Statham) who encounters an almost 70-foot carcharadon megalodon, a species of mega-shark previously believed to be extinct. Things went swimmingly at the box office for The Meg, with the film earning $45.3 million domestically for an opening weekend total of $141.3 million internationally – the biggest debut of all time for any live-action shark movie. Alten’s rich universe is an excellent starting point for any probable sequels. “Each one ups the ante on the last one,” said the author. Learn more about local author Steve Alten at and see more about the film at


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