August 1, 2018

South Florida-based creative artist Carmen Amara first sang a Spanish-language love ballad titled Eternamente (translation: eternally) written by David Armaan ten years ago, but when life’s obstacles got in the way, she placed her music career on the backburner. A decade later, Amara has returned to her passion and paired it with a music video to help spread the heartfelt song to a larger audience. The video was recently filmed by local production company ashleynicoleco [sic] at Mounts Botanical Garden in the Children’s Maze, depicting two lovers searching for one another.

“The location was everything I could have asked for and more. It ties the whole narrative together in ways I couldn't expect until we started editing the visuals to the song,” said director Ashley Taylor. The completed video will be shared through YouTube. See more from the production company at


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