July 4, 2018

Season two of Investigation Discovery’s Reasonable Doubt includes an episode which explores the 1996 murder of Palm Beach socialite Geraldine Pucillo. The series follows two investigators, Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva, as they re-examine controversial murders with the goal of helping the families of the convicted decide between appealing or accepting the guilty verdict once and for all.

"Reasonable Doubt" Hosts, Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva

Geraldine Pucillo, the restaurateur of Worth Avenue’s Petite Marmite, was killed at the age of 71 by Kim Duane Cain over an 18-karat Italian gold bracelet - the last murder to take place on the island of Palm Beach over twenty years ago. This Reasonable Doubt episode revolves around Patty and Keri Cain, both related to the convicted, and their mission to seek Kim Duane Cain’s release. Does the evidence speak for itself? Catch this scintillating story at investigationdiscovery.com.


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