March 9, 2018

The Art in Public Places program continues to provide beauty and art in a variety of places; some are in full view of the public while others are inside public buildings. The ideas are always fresh, and the theme is always different, providing a variety of backdrops for filmmakers to consider when searching for locations.

The Wave by Barbara Grygutis

One of the most popular and recognizable installations can be found at PBC Convention Center. Wave is a collection of perforated aluminum arches that connect the convention center to the outdoor gathering space on the second level.  By day they are artfully placed and tie in to the dancing palm fronds in the sky, but Wave really comes alive at night with its blue color and luminous moiré effect making it a striking frame against the night sky, creating an incredible backdrop. 

Windows on the Floating World by Mags Harries & Lajos Héder

A unique angle for fashion photography and lifestyle imagery is found at Mounts Botanical Garden with their newest installation, Windows On the Floating World. The series of walkways and aquatic plants makes a striking location for resort wear catalog imagery with waterfalls that flow over a buff-colored coral stone. A wall of bromeliads and other tropical foliage brings color and texture into the ethereal space.

Wind Through Four Points by Gary L. Moore

Wind Through Four Points is found in an unassuming county building, its grand entrance explodes with stylized windows and a colorful terrazzo floor with a catwalk that puts the second story windows into a viewable perspective for a modern hallway scene. The catwalk provides an great position for camera or lighting and the floor is a work of art. For more information about these locations or other film friendly options, please visit the locations database at pbfilm.com.


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