Staff Roles

   Chuck Elderd

Chuck Elderd 
Film Commissioner

Appointed in 1989 by the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners to serve the community as Film Commissioner. During his tenure the commercial production business has positively impacted PBC business tourism industry. He developed and implemented the One-Stop Permitting Process for productions and students with 34 municipalities, taxing districts and governmental departments within PBC.


Michelle Hillery 
Deputy Film Commissioner

Michelle is responsible for the operations and programs relating to tourism, including management and oversight of budgets, marketing, policies and procedures, production history, advertising, public speaking and recruiting. She also serves as executive producer for the Student Showcase of Films.  She is a past president of Film Florida and has worked with State officials to replenish funds for filmmakers.

Christy Andreoni 
Production Director

Christy oversees the One-Stop Permitting process, including maintaining and developing relationships with local municipalities, taxing districts and county contacts. She is co-editor of the "Focus On Film" newsletter and oversees leads that are processed though our office.  She is also responsible for the analysis of the monthly, semi-annual and annual production activity reports.


Phyllis Man
Development & Marketing Producer

Phyllis is the Development & Marketing Producer and is working to launch The Palm Beaches TV.  she is also co-editor of Focus on Film.  She assists the organization in fulfilling its mission to promote The Palm Beaches as a commercial production destination.  Mrs. Man is responsible for further developing and implementing a marketing strategy with a focus on tourism branding. 

Lauren Tobin
Associate Marketing Producer

Lauren is responsible for marketing PBC through the Tourism Branded Content Sponsorship Program and The Palm Beaches TV.  She works with the Development and Marketing Producer to identify new programming that would attract and increase tourism and uses her extensive PR background to raise local and national awareness about the initiatives of the FTC. 


Kelly King 
Location & Marketing Coordinator

Kelly searches for film friendly locations to add to the online locations database. She is the Assistant Editor of the Focus on Film newsletter and writes the Location Spotlight. She served as Project Manager of the FTC's website.  Additionally she serves as in house art department and staff photographer as well as manages the FTC's Facebook page.

Chris Cobb

Chris Cobb
Social Media Marketing Specialist

Chris implements the social media marketing strategy and is responsible for attracting and interacting with targeted virtual communities.  He manages social media initiative in order to drive production interest into The Palm Beaches. He also serves as the Producer for the annual Student Showcase of Films.

Ian Saylor

Ian Saylor
Senior P
roduction Coordinator

Ian is responsible for issuing permits for commercial production companies through our One-Stop permitting process for film, television, media and still photography productions taking place within the County.  He coordinates details with local municipalities, taxing districts and county departments.

Hilary Webber
Production Coordinator

Hilary works as a liason for production companies and municipality and governments agencies to ensure commercial productions taking place in Palm Beach County are properly permitted.  Additionally she monitors and ensures SEO performance.  Ms. Webber serves as the fact checking editor and proof reader for marketing materials.

Alberto Jordat Jr

Alberto Jordat Jr.
Office Administrator

Alberto, who goes by the name AJ, provides professional and administrative support to promote the work of the Film Commissioner and Deputy Film Commissioner in facilitating the FTC’s programs. He is proficient with Photoshop and is a regular contributor to our Focus on Film newsletter.




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